Limestone Surfaces: Perfect for opulent to rustic design aesthetic

There is a dazzling array of high-calibre & sumptuous stonework for flooring and walls, available today to craft interior spaces keeping lifestyles and design choices in mind. The rich world of geology offers some truly beautiful stones to complement your home’s interior design.Natural stone comes in a range of finishes including polished and tumbled & can also be honed to create a matt, even surface.Famously known for its classic beauty and longevity, limestone is one of the most popular stones in the world. Having paved the way for architecture, limestone has adorned marvellous wonders throughout history. If you are considering investing in limestone floors, countertops, fireplace surrounds or something else then limestone is the ultimate answer to all your décor needs.Did you know that limestone was formed millions of years ago from the skeletons of prehistoric sea creatures.

Let’s take a deeper look into the top benefits of limestone surfaces.

A calming blend of contemporary zen and luxury

Limestone surfaces that come in honed finish are perfect to achieve a smooth, satin-like, flat finish to a space. Alternately, polished limestone gives a very opulent look with a mirror-like shine and tumbled limestone is perfect to achieve more aged & rustic appeal.

Incredibly durable!

Limestone surfaces are sturdy which makes them the best accompaniment for high traffic areas.Considering they aresoftand feel lovely on your feet, they are a perfect choice for flooring.

Classic appeal& natural riven surfaces

Limestone surfaces are immortal and delightful. The natural attributes of limestone exude atraditional yet contemporary feel. Its rugged and eco-friendly vibecreates a very welcomingatmosphere in the house and appeals to varied sensibilities at the very first glance.An example is the Nero Sangemini Limestone that features deep, dark tones. The stone is slightly textured and we make it better with hand cut edges. Although black in appearance, this stone gradually lightens in sunlight to create a perfect charcoal effect. This bold & striking limestone can add elememt of style to living spaces.

Soft & Muted Aesthetic

The soft texture of limestones like the Grigio Bluastro, or the Sea Grey from Orvi Surfaces, is created through an extensive process of grinding & tumbling. The muted & soft tones if this natural stone are perfect for any contemporary home.

Low or no maintenance

Limestone surfaces are simpler to maintain. They generally just need basic clearing, and periodically wiping(Depending on the inlay option taken into the limestone, cleaning tips can vary. For example the use of Brasso can easily maintain metal inlay). With the right professional help,limestonecan withstand throughcenturies. It is also impervious to harsh liquids and microscopic organismsthat makes limestone an apt fit for bathrooms or yard.

Versatility is the key

Limestone comes in different hues, shapes and sizes to create textural masterpieces for living spaces.Certain limestone surfaces look fabulous with interior spaces, while some others look astounding for the outside. Whether you want your limestone flooring in the hallway, bathroom or yard, or want limestone surfaces on the highlighter wall, or the full walls in rooms, you can choose the style that looks the best.With a refreshing take on limestone surfaces, OrviSurfaces brings you a stunning line-up of innovative surfaces in Blazon collection, Armatura Collection & the Bauhaus Collection. These unique surfaces boast of natural stone, that is exquisitely embellished with finely crafted metal inlays. Exemplifying the classic charm of metal, the stainless steel and brass contrast either boldly with black Sangemini limestone or complement subtly with the polished whiteness of BiancoCarrara marble. These surfaces lend its allure to diverse options such as walls, floors, furniture tops, bathroom backspaces & highlighter walls and even exteriors. They instantly transform into a visual feast and add a sophisticated element to the spaces.