Bespoke Orientation

Bespoke tailoring for exterior
and interior applications

At Orvi, we are used to working for clients who demand not only high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship, but also open-ness and flexibility. Experience has taught us that every client is unique, every designer has their own ideas, and every project comes with its own specific challenges and opportunities. Exploring those possibilities is an exciting and fruitful process for everyone involved.

Food Court

Liquid metal inlay in glass

For us, bespoke services and projects are not an extra, but rather an integral part of our whole approach. The ability to work closely and creatively with external designers and architects, to adapt existing product lines or create completely new models, is fundamental to the way we operate. If you are looking for something original or exclusive, we would be delighted to hear your ideas. As creative partners, you’ll find us to be attentive, professional and always stimulating. The many models in our collections can be adapted to match the requirements of a particular interior theme or colour scheme. Alternatively, starting from your own aesthetic vision, our in-house design team can develop customised concepts to discuss and fine-tune. Thanks to our characteristic blend of traditional craft and cutting-edge technology, you can expect the results to be extraordinary, enchanting and above all Unique.

Restaurant & Bar

Brass inlay in Nero Sangemini Limestone and
Bianco Carrara Marble


Carved and metal coated stone