Exciting collaborations opening a world of possibilities with craft techniques combined with technology

Collaboration and partnerships are at the core of our beliefs here at Orvi. Each collaboration calls for multifaceted research resulting in unprecedented creative solutions fused with elegant craftsmanship. At every possible chance, Orvi works with designers & innovators who embody the determined spirit of pushing the boundaries of architectural design, to create exceptional products. Imperatively, we believe that improvement and learning are processes that are not meant to be done alone, rather it involves elements of collaboration and partnership.

Artistic Tile X Alison Rose

The award winning Zephyr collection

Winner of Interior Design’s 2019 Best of Year awards, Zephyr is a collection born from a unique partnership between well-known designer tile company, Artistic Tile, and NYC-based interior designer and architect, Alison Rose. This collection explores eternity, weaving fibres into everlasting twists to produce something so dimensional, it’s almost mesmerising.

This innovative and out-of-the box creativity synonymous with Alison’s style, combined with the design & business sensibilities of Nancy Epstein (CEO, Artistic Tile) and the skills of Orvi’s artisans allowed the fruition of this one-of-a-kind design. The Zephyr surface is inlaid with brass gracefully through the summit of an intricate, hand-carved ridge that effortlessly flows like a river across each patterned marble piece.

Kit Kemp

Globally acclaimed interior designer

ORVI through a client-partner was introduced to globally acclaimed UK-based interior designer, Kit Kemp. A household name in design, hotel management, and homewares, she was tapped as the lead designer for an experiential flooring line in partnership with C.P Hart in London. As her reputation for stylish and story-forward design precedes her, Kit was aiming for a celestial design that combined lavish marble with sun, moon, and star-shaped inlays that were cleverly lit up from beneath the surface.

By combining Kit’s design sensibilities with the craftsmanship of our expert artisans along with our mastery in inlay work, we helped Kit realize her design dream of creating a unique surface with an inlay of glass and stainless steel in natural stone.

Naba Milan 2020

The vision beneath the surface project

ORVI partnered with one of Italy’s finest design institutions, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) for a design-immersion & competition titled “The Vision Beneath the Surface”. This partnership provided a platform for design students at the school to combine their creativity, nascent design thinking, and educational lessons to research, plan, and design a new furniture product and a fresh line of surfaces. ORVI provided not only the crafting infrastructure but also mentorship on design and techniques along with the NABA Team.

The 4-month project ended with two new experimental product lines (two winning designs) which ORVI will launch in the consumer market as décor solutions. This would allow the students to use this project as a backdrop for future opportunities in design and architecture.

Matteo Cibic X Orvi

Filo Collection: Inspired by the unrestrained patterns of threads

Filo is a collection born from a unique partnership between eminent International designer Matteo Cibic and Orvi. This collection explores perpetuity, weaving fibers into everlasting twists to produce something so dimensional, that it’s almost mesmerizing. It offers a range of cool new-age décor pieces that double as captive storytellers. Handmade by artisans who have mastered the dying art of bas-relief, metal inlay, and stone sculpting, this collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

Cibic has mixed geometric and decorative patterns together in this contemporary collection and used the many shades of cream, green, red, and black, along with gleamy brass. The collection, Filo, is named after threads, that organically show up on natural fabric and flow on, almost convivially onto the surface, making them look immersive and fun.

Edoardo Perri X Orvi

Founder and creative director of Italian design agency Whomade, EdoardoPerri is an award-winning designer and an eclectic talent.

His strength in product design emerges from his ability to interpret cultural shifts, detect meaningful trends and develop solutions that transcend the merely innovative, crossing over into the realms of emotion and poetry.

At ORVI, he oversees the company's creative direction and works closely with artisans to design stunning, cutting-edge surfaces that infuse traditional craft with a fresh, contemporary feel. After majoring in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano, he honed his conceptual skills at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, going on to teach at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Creative Academy, DOMUS and NABA Academy in Milan.

In addition to his activities as a lecturer, art director and designer for various Italian and international companies, he is also a passionate researcher in the fields of new creative industries and innovative crafts.

For the last ten years he has curated creative initiatives and workshops in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, tailoring a unique narrative for each project while collaborating with international organisations, national institutions and an extensive network of craftspeople and producers.

His work can be seen in international publications, and his designs are exhibited in renowned museums and galleries worldwide.