Decor Trends in 2021

2021 decor trends will determine a new age in designing sustainable spaces using handcrafted surfaces, furnishings and décor products. Clear & open spaces are becoming desirable & there is a renewed focus on function, form and flexibility in terms of space utilization. Further designers are focusing on compartmentalizing new lifestyles within existing architectural designs as well as within newly built living spaces.ORVI explores here the most relevant trends that have been often discussed during live chats on social media by design enthusiasts:

Sleek home office

The importance of work-life balance has already begun to influence the way spaces are being designed. With a shift from traditional offices to home offices, décor products like comfortable task chairs and expandable storage racks have become an important part of living spaces.

Alongside, the Pantone 2021 shade of Ultimate Gray, seems like a perfect choice of colour for home based office spaces.

ORVI’s new design Armatura 09, within the Armatura Collection acts as an elegant surface option for a cozy & classy office space. Interesting geometric patterns, inspired from the European armours, have been meticulously in-laid by hand using shimmering metals like brass & stainless steel and natural stones in shades of Grey.

These surfaces can be interestingly used for the floors as well as the walls and can passionately infuse any office space with a distinct personality.

Playful learning spaces for Kids

Designated learning spaces at home can allow children to engage without distraction. With colors and bold aesthetics making a comeback post the global pandemic, the mood of celebration can be incorporated using bold designs and interesting colors.We at Orvi, recommend surface choices using high-quality natural stones in varied organic shades. Every surface made using natural materials like stone, wood, metal & glass, brings with it consistent colours, meticulously matched shades and authentic irregularity of handcrafted piece of art.Surface designs from Orvi’s Molecule Collection are literally an epitome of finding joy in little things. Smaller asymmetrical surface pieces come together to create interesting & playful designs, setting a tone for vibrant learning space for kids.Kids can also be intrigued with visual drama and out pick would be three- dimensional surfaces from the Glyph Collection. These mosaic surfaces are handcrafted using the traditional bas relief technique and as light falls on them, their play of shadows can be a great conversation starter with kids.

Empowering & earthy meditation spa

Subtle, earthy shades can exude purity with a sense of rustic charm & 2021 embraces this vibe with color choices in shades of wood, juxtaposing neutral shades with vibrant yellows and ochres, & serene shades like bronze.For spaces used for meditation, relaxation, prayers or me-time, Orvi recommends surface options from it’s Nuages Collection. This collection embodies the purity of real metal in it’s cutting-edge surfaces with multifunctional applications and timeless beauty. Achieved in varied designs and later polished by hand by master artisans, every surface in the liquid metal collection showcases organic metallic colors, unique textures and ageing effects. Evoking sentimentality with the colors & textures, the surfaces from the Nuages collection have a modern undertone to their natural and earthy colors. Surely, from brushed to matte to shiny, metallic hues can make the serene corner of your living space, look elegant, calm and yet very stylish.

Modern rustic kitchen decor

Modern rustic is a trend that we expect will continue in 2021, especially when it comes to designing kitchens. Modern rustic is a blend between what old and what’s new. This style promotes comfort interiors with a touch of contemporary. A reinterpretation of classic times, this aesthetic is about adding a vintage charm to any living space.Surfaces in interesting colors & shapes with low texture volume will be in trend, and we recommend using these especially as kitchen backsplashes. Explore Orvi’s Raku Collection that offers intense colours and unpredictable patterns. This collection is inspired by 16th century Japanese craft technique Jurakudai where each tile is expertly hand glazed, hand fired and rapidly cooled using the traditional technique that have been followed for centuries.

Creative partitions, screens and metal grills

During the global pandemic, the world realised a need for having separate, cozy spaces for different activities & that brought up the trend for incorporating creative partitions in living spaces. Screen walls and metal grills help define spaces for flexible use.

Areas designed with stone or metal screens and grills tend to provide a sense of being connected while still maintaining a level of privacy. Plus, these screens create intricate shadow work on the floor when light streams through them, making the space look almost surreal.

Explore bespoke stone screens and metal grills ideas from Orvi and read more.