How to Design Impactful Bathrooms Using Innovative Surfaces

20th century witnessed the evolution of modern bathroom in the west – an era in which bathroom transitioned from just another prerequisite to an aesthetic touch point of the home. When it comes to home decor, bathroom calls for our utmost attention just as much as other spaces. You can completely transform your petite powder room or palatial master bathroom with just a few simple steps like adding a statement rug, fresh indoor plants and smart storage swaps. For a bigger impact, invest in complete remodelling and upgrade the surfaces on walls, floors and backsplashes!If you’re planning to spruce up your mundane bathroom, we have you covered with bathroom interior trends that are worth your attention this year:

Go Metal

Opting for metal finishes is a sure fire way of turning your same old bathroom into a visual masterpiece. Incorporating brass or copper finishes/in-lays in mirror borders or option for surfaces like the Supernova collection from Orvi, for the powder rooms, brings in a luxurious yet collected vibe.

Welcome earthy!

Introducing warmer hues on the floors gives a relaxed mood to bathrooms & powder rooms. Earthy surfaces made with limestone & metal, or stone-in-stone inlay, are extremely a la mode.

Bring in eccentricity

Bring in elements of your personality to your living spaces.. If eccentric is your style, opt for rich, outlandish and bold marbles. They evoke a very indulgent aesthetic and make for an artistic statement as well.

Make it monochromatic

We all love a classic bathroom that features a neutral palette. It’s a trend all interior designers & architects vouch for as it never goes out of style. Monochromatic bathrooms can be achieved by synchronizing walls, tiles, countertops and backsplash with all colours of a single hue.

Create highlighter walls

To add a touch of drama to the bathroom, choose innovative surface options for the highlighter walls. Opt for mosaics with hints of metal inlay, or interesting collections like Brise from Orvi, where large sheets of coloured glasses are shattered and meticulously reassembled to create compelling designs.Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with limestone marbles embellished with decorative inlays like brass, stainless steel, malachite and lapis lazuli to bring in a pop of colours.

A little friendly tip- Always remember that bathroom, being the most functional section of the house, is inevitably exposed to many unwanted elements. Hence, the surfaces must be water resistant& anti-skid if they are being put in the shower area. Also it is ideal to use stainless steel in areas that have high exposure to water, as compared to other metals.