Maintenance of Surfaces with Metal Inlays

A melange of breathtaking options in surfaces has opened doors for infinite possibilities in home decor. With a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and textures, there is more to these innovative marbles than what meets the eye. These surfaces can instantly accentuate the grace and splendor of your living spaces but it can be fleeting, if not maintained well. The good news is that we can make it last for as long as possible with a few simple steps.To begin with make the right choice in quality of the brand and installation to have the grandeour of surfaces with metals inlays last a lifetime. Regularly follow these simple steps

Bid adieu to stains!​

It’s safe to say that spills are inevitable especially in kitchens. To safeguard the surfaces with Metal Inlay Tile from any possible damage, you must blot it up without waiting a second longer. Wiping it off will stop it from spreading and corroding other areas of the floor or countertops. This step takes a little effort but goes a long way to ensure a longer lifespan of the stone and metal.

Know the metal

To effortlessly prolong the stunning beauty of metal surfaces, we need to follow simple and basic steps..Always remember that each type of metal surface demands a unique treatment ..For instance, Stainless Steel can be easily cleaned with a very mild cleaning solution followed by clean water.. other metals like brass, copper etc., love being cleaned with Brasso and a lint-free micro fibre cloth..Further remember that it is best to avoid cleaning machines with heavy & sharp brushes. Why harm the metal surfaces when they can be cleaned by the gentle touch of something simpler!!

Say no to harsh cleaners​

While purchasing the cleaners, stay attentive to small details and read the components on the packaging thoroughly. Under no circumstances should harsh cleaning agents containing acidic, caustic or abrasive components such as bleach, alcohol or vinegar based substances be used. Refrain from using scouring pads, scrub spongers, steel wool etc. as they can lead to irreparable damage to the surfaces.

Clean your marble right​

With luxurious marbles with brass inlays, it goes without saying that safe cleaning comes hand in hand. To restore its beauty over time, it is pivotal to find the right cleaner for your surfaces. A thoughtless choice in a marble cleaner could translate into etching and dull spots. Escape this situation by using a PH neutral cleaner instead of acidic cleaner that contain abrasive cleaning agents.

Deep clean and voila!

To become hands-on with deep cleaning yourself, use a soft cloth and a spray bottle to wet the surface. Apply the cleaning solution and rinse the solution with clean water. Following this, dry the surface with a soft cloth as the inlays can rust if exposed to any moisture.