Orvi’s Molecules Collection | Playful, Minimal, Non-Literal

Asymmetrical, rhythmic expressions of mosaics, the Molecules collection, reflects the belief that true beauty lies in imperfection. Each asymmetrical piece in Molecules collection is extravagant & elegant, when combined, the most organic, composed & smooth shapes and patterns are formed which arranges a visual order with their non-literal designs.

This collection is inspired by the desire for the extra-ordinary and taking art deco a notch higher. Each individual piece in this highly adaptable collection shifts the paradigm with its meticulous metal inlays and indigenous stone bases, creating contemporary patterns which are playful and edgy to start but are soon ready to transform into intricate mosaics that add depth and texture wherever they are placed.The emphasis in this line is on the ecological responsibility and showcases our most sustainable collection to date.

Individual stones in the Molecules collection are hand-picked from quarries where high-quality, yet randomly shaped stone pieces are neglected. Instead of letting these precious natural and indigenous beauties remain ignores, Orvi selects these pieces and hand carves them into the Molecules collection.

Molecules is the perfect backdrop for creating a statement with its symbolic language of forms, exquisite identity and luxurious spirit. Mosaic art meets art deco style in this range as asymmetrical pieces are merged to create timeless & contemporary shapes and patterns for luxury spaces. Inspired by the desire for excellence, Molecules promises textural masterpieces to add a whole new dimension and character to dull interiors.

Sustainability at the pinnacle

Molecules Collection is an honest attempt to celebrate the beauty of underestimated natural stones available to us in abundance by Mother Earth. As the world becomes more populated and the supply of resources shrinks, Orvi is determined to ensure that every inch of stone is utilized. After the way the world has changed this year, Orvi is prompted to make smarter decisions for home decor by walking the sustainable route.

Realizing this very ecological responsibility, the Molecules collection is created using the wastage of smaller high quality stones that are left behind in various quarries. It is the most sustainable collection till date, high grade stones are handpicked from mines, cut with great precision in unique shapes and firmly carved with metal inlays to display enchanting mosaic patterns

A quintessential choice for luxury spaces

Molecules is a unique collection that survives trends & time. A modern & progressive collection which can elevate any living space when applied as highlighter walls. Individual pieces in this highly adaptable collection, when come together looks endless, eclectic and fascinating, creating contemporary patterns which are playful yet engrossing. Be it a bedroom highlighter wall, bathroom, powder room or even a living area feature wall, Molecules can oomph up any of these spaces with a composed visual order.

Versatile yet elegant

Orvi Surfaces breaks the monotony of simple stone surfaces with these stunning mosaic surfaces, which are a perfect accompaniment for kitchen backsplashes too. Constantly pushing the envelope for modern, muted yet edgy aesthetics, Orvi surfaces takes its prowess a notch up in timeless surfaces yet again with its new offering.