Orvi’s Palacio Collection | Expressive, soulful, bold

The architectural heritage of European history is filled with kingly palaces & castles. Reliving the nostalgia of these European palaces, Orvi introduces its Palacio Collection.The timeless Palacio surfaces are inspired by the authentic aesthetics of grand palaces and castles where much of Europe’s royalty once resided. Within those walls, the finest compositions of stone, metal, and wood were used to create a cohesive warmth that encapsulated the lives of kings and queens.This collection’s identity and inspiration pays homage to the Spanish word for Palace especially because of its regal and contemporary aesthetic

The Majestic Blend

These raw sensuous surfaces, come in intense hues and add a sense of expression and warmth to any environment with the unique harmony of rich wood, stone and shimmering metal. Each wood inlay is surrounded by striking metal work, a process created by the hands of expert artisans with masterly skills, all of which sits on pure hand-carved stone.

The patterns in the Palacio collection demonstrate perfect symmetry while the grains in the wood exalt the beauty of soft contours. It arranges beauty in its harmonious proportions.

Palacio offers an alluring interpretation and a distinct visual feel of the colours, textures and natural materials which are inspired by the aesthetics which touch the soul. A vibrant & dynamic confluence of materials, which is best suited for contemporary architecture design.

The Palacio Collection has 6 design, each design is unique, representing a transitional to timeless aesthetic. From curvy metal and wood inlays to more geometrical patterns, these surfaces look like seamless tapestry on the floor, almost like ‘Art you could walk on’.

Designed to suit contemporary living spaces, the designs in this collection are enduring, bold & striking yet they make any space look elegant, warm & mindful. Surfaces from Palacio collection are best suited for lobbies, living rooms, master bedrooms, hospitality projects & as highlighter walls.

The most interesting aspect of this collection is its versatility & the ability to create bespoke design options using these materials (wood, stone & metal) to suit any sort of sensorial experience. This offers designers, architects and end consumers an option to match their surface with their unique & individual style as Palacio surfaces brings personality into any room