Surface ideas for Bedrooms

Unlike functional shared spaces, bedrooms are an expression of one’s taste and tell a story.Surface options for bedrooms allow in creating an arresting space that tells a story and starts conversations. Interiors of bedrooms deserve special attention so that a balance between functionality, elegance and personal style could be maintained.Here are some ideas to choose the right surfaces for your bedroom walls & floors:

Woody warmth

Versatile, timeless and warm, surfaces made with wood continue to create stunning interior spaces. Using wood tones as the main palette, the bedrooms can be accentuated with Orvi’s Palacio Collection. This collections allows showcasing the beauty of material confluence. Often we see natural stone surfaces or wooden surfaces. However, rarely an intertwining of individually powerful materials like wood, stone & metal, is seen. Further it’s a story in artistry to have such surfaces since these are intricately crafted by hand making them perfectly suited for bedrooms and high traffic areas as well.

Gliding gleam

Always keenly fond of metallic accents, we recommend adding some gleamy hues or subtle sheen to the more serene and cozy parts of the home. From floral themes to the silver sheen of stainless steel or the subtle glow of brass, choose to create an expressive bedroom using handcrafted surfaces made with natural stone & metal inlay work, for the walls or floors. Blend the pattern choice with the right colors of natural stones in either subtle shades of grey, mustard, beige or white or choose more vibrancy with black, of glittery textures in Quartzite Stone.A feature wall looks great with a statement headboard. Choose from Orvi’s Flora Collection or the Skin Collection to incorporate more archival theme or a gentle whiff of nature along with a touch of glam.

Bold Move

Adding tones like ruby red, emerald green or a lovely blue can imbue a sense of opulence in bedrooms. Explore Orvi’s Arazzi Collection with inlay of semi precious stones like Malachite, Lapiz Lazuli and even Mother of Pearl.Alternately choose three dimensional surfaces for the walls from Orvi’s Glyph Collection. Using the traditional bas-relief technique these surfaces are handcrafted to create visual drama, especially when light falls on them, and they also add a fun playful texture to the walls.The aesthetic of the bedroom could also be kept ombre to create a sense of movement. Again three dimensional surface options help in achieving this look. Additionally collections like Orvi’s Fessura or Supernova help in creating a bold yet elegant space.

Large size wall murals

Lively, embellished walls with stunning artwork have a story to tell and on the homeowner’s personality. Wall murals and large size artwork created using handcraft techniques like pietra dura or mosaic art, help in adding character to the bedroom and if you choose from Orvi’s Mosaic wall art collection, you also bring home an art piece made by master artisans, putting together small natural stones, one piece at a time. There murals add texture, color and a creativity to the space. Plus needless to say, they make for a stunning view!