The Saudade Wall-Art: An expression of belongingness in testing times crafted by ADND Studio in collaboration with ORVI

As humans, our biggest treasure is the sense of belongingness. The Saudade Wall piece is an abstract expression of belongingness made using the technique of Marble sculpting on Natural Stone, which is an age old art of India. An effort of wall decor ideas that blends the timelessness of Natural stone with the artistic creativity of marble art, this piece is worth being treasured in every form.

The past year has been a testing year for each and every person throughout the world. While the pandemic’s looming uncertainty kept us on our toes all this while, we also learned the importance of community and human relationships that are truly the essence of our lives in every sense. For the first time in history, humans were deprived of the warmth, love, and care that they could so easily find in human touch as well as human interactions. The long period of uncertain quarantine made us feel locked up in our own homes, with memories of past joyful experiences being all that we can hold on to.

The Saudade Wall Piece, designed by Shobhan Kothari and Anand Menon in association with Orvi Surfaces is an escalation designed to serve as an omen of hope and a token of memorabilia dedicated to the moments of togetherness we are craving for, in the current times. Saudade, a Portuguese term that stands for a “deep emotional state of nostalgia.”

The artist duo of Shobhan and Anand from ADND Studio transformed the visualization of Saudade to reality through a beautifully crafted Marble Wall Art made using a 70mm Marble Panel. This marbled Wall art features an abstractly depicted Human face, perfected using a mix of machine art as well as handcrafting. The rippled texture around the face depicts the environment that we live in. The art features a teardrop emerging from the face, made of liquid metal and stainless steel which portrays the sadness and longing of old times that we all share together. The artistically erected bulge in the marble casts a shadow of light and reminds us to stay hopeful, as we move into 2021.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or a person who finds happiness in recollecting memories and displaying them in their wall of memories, you will find the Saudade Wall Art truly mesmerizing in all aspects. Thanks to the artistic finesse of ADND Studio and the marvelous hues and textures of Orvi’s Natural Stone, the Saudade Wall Art is truly an unmatchable piece of art that will always remind us of hope, faith, and strength these times have been full of.