The Thoughtfully Designed Mandala Tables by Annkur Khosla in collaboration with ORVI

The foundation of every new idea or breakthrough starts with a thought. The Mandala Tables designed by Annkur Khosla are based upon this idea and represent the thoughtful connectivity showcased by Mandala patterns that are simply an attempt to fuse stunning design with articulated thoughts. Mandalas are known to be a deeply spiritual symbol with mention across different cultures. The perennial design of Mandalas represents that everything is connected in life.

Mandala patterns that are known to represent an everlasting cosmic line of connectivity are used for adorning the tabletop, that has been composed of Orvi’s finest Black Limestone, a perfectly shaded natural stone surface having a natural sheen. This tabletop features an exquisite metal inlay pattern that has been crafted through brass engraving into the natural black limestone, making it look aesthetically and contrastly complete.

While the decorative surface of the table appears to be flat and two-dimensional from top, it transforms into a three dimensional sculpted surface at the sides. Even so, the Mandala patterns do not lose their connectivity and appear as one whole. While the thought invested into the design of this table make it what it is, the essence of this table are the wonderfully appealing natural stones and brass and the way they are inlaid together in harmony.

This table can be used as a center table in a living room, as a study table which is used a lot or even placed apart at a high-activity area. The Mandalas are known to be of high significance in spirituality and regarded as a positive omen for good vibes wherever used. Hence, this thoughtfully designed piece of furniture can be considered as a form of design therapy that possesses both visual and spiritual appeal.