Timeless elegance of glass surfaces

Surfaces made with exquisite natural materials like glass suit contemporary living spaces especially as they hold an interesting relationship with light, many times creating a kaleidoscopic effect of colours and patterns.

Glass surfaces are more aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and add a whole new energy to interiors. These artistic masterpieces hold a reflective property that can make any room appear much larger, as compared to any ceramic tile.

Orvi’s Brise collection introduces a new take on glass mosaics, where bold & stylised design possibilities are limitless. This collection is rooted in age-old glass making tradition from central India. Large sheets of coloured glass are broken into small pieces, then diligently reassembled, section by tiny section, for an overall effect that recalls the glass tiled mosaics of Europe’s medieval churches and cathedrals. The precise composition and skilled craftmanship are required to create these shimmering surfaces.

Other innovations using glass include Orvi’s Eglomise collection & Liquid Metal & Glass surfaces. From single colour designs to tone on tone and multi-coloured collages, each surface shines with understated elegance, embellishing any space with an iridescent quality.

Bathroom highlighter walls

Although bathroom is a place where there is frequent moisture and wetness, it can be a place for elegant glass surface created from Orvi’s Brise 10 model. The shimmering multicoloured wall surface from this collection can be a perfect choice for your bathroom highlighter wall because it is durable and sturdy and ideal in humid bathroom environments.

Bespoke possibilities are endless, like adding Moroccan patterns, or geometric shapes or even animal figurines using back-lit glass Eglomise surfaces or creating partitions using glass surfaces with delicate inlay of pure liquid metal.

Kitchen backsplashes

Creative backsplashes add warmth & drama to kitchens. After all this part of our homes becomes a playground for yummy ideas, and needs an inspirational appeal. One can choose from amazing colour options like shimmering golden kitchen backsplash using Brise 01, soothing and playful sky-blue kitchen backsplashes with Brise 02, 06,07 and 11.

Making small rooms look more spacious

The transparent quality of glass makes the room appear large and also allows more light into the room. Walls adorned with glass surfaces look vibrant and also add subtle sophistication. Explore options from the Brise collection or select something from Orvi’s Glass Eglomise surfaces, which has been developed after intensive research for more than 6 months in collaboration with a European designer. Why choose the ordinary, when you can select something one-of-a-kind for your interiors?

Bespoke Glass Surfaces inlayed with liquid metal

Because they are made from recyclable materials, glass surfaces have become a great choice for all environmentally conscious designers, architects and builders.

Orvi’s highly innovative technique of glass and liquid metal, allows Orvi to “pour” metal into glass. That means they can be used in unique and intricate bespoke designs for food courts, restaurants, hotels or custom designs for feature walls, counter tops, doors and cabinets.

Albert Einstein once said, “creativity is intelligence having fun”. We had fun creating our glass surfaces and we invite you to learn more about varied design possibilities here:

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