3 Tips to infuse a minimal theme at your home

When it comes to designing a space beautifully, every designer and homeowner has the option to choose from a multitude of design trends and themes that they can follow. Every year, we see multiple trends and styles making their way into interior design. While some trends come and go, other trends transcend towards being evergreen. One such evergreen trend is to have a minimal theme. Minimalism will never go out of style and incorporating a minimal theme at your home is easier than you might think. In this blog, we bring to you 3 tips that will help you infuse a minimal theme at your home.  

Tip #1 Opt for Minimal Floors and Walls

The foremost tip to establish a minimal theme at your home is to maintain a balance between minimal floors and walls. If you are going for a textured or artistic wall, try to balance it out by combining it with neutral floors. Doing so will help in maintaining the element of minimalism by keeping a single element in focus. For instance, one good combination for minimal options for floors and walls would be to use any design from Orvi’s Gessato collection for the walls and use a solid shaded floor along with it. You can also do vice versa and choose extravagantly printed or inlay tiles for the floors and balance the same out with a solid or very subtly textured wall.

Tip #2 Use Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors refer to the shades that emerge out of a single color. Using a monochromatic color scheme is a sure shot way to execute minimalism perfectly. If you are opting for a lighter color palette for any particular space, it is a visually appealing idea to opt for related shades. For instance, if you are choosing beige as the central color palette for a room, try to use elements or different shades of beige for the floor, walls or furniture. This would make the entire space look holistically well-balanced. A little bas-relief work on the wall surfaces would be perfect to add some dash of drama. 

Tip #3 Simplified Doors, Shelves, and Objects

Simplicity is highly underrated. The essence of any minimalist space comes alive through the placement of simply designed objects. Whether you’re using embellished or classic doors, it is a good idea to pair them up with simple door knobs that can be made of stone, metal, or a melange of the two. Doors with liquid metal surfaces with a gentle Patina on them look very interesting when creating minimalist spaces. Similarly, if you feel like adding depth or fullness to a plain wall, you can strategically place simple shelves or frames on it to make it look complete while sticking to minimalism. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Orvi Surfaces offers a wide variety of surfaces and home decor products in stone, metal as well as glass that will help you achieve the minimalist look that you are aiming for. Rest assured, trends might come and go, but minimalism is surely here to stay!