5 must-have accessories that every Home Bar needs

For cocktail aficionados as well as leisure seekers, the bar is notably the dearest corner of the house. It is only fair to decorate it accordingly with the help of the right accessories and essentials. In their newest collection, Orvi Home introduces a selection of classic, must-have accessories that any Home Bar is incomplete without.

#1 A Marble Platter for Snacks and Dips

Any bar is incomplete without a perfect platter that can be used to serve cocktail delicacies. The Geometria range in Orvi’s Intarsio collection features a decadent Platter in White Marble with an intricate inlay of brass. Placing this platter at the bar or at the center of the table is sure to add a touch of class to the spread.

#2 An Ornamental Candle-holder to light up the space

The Bar Area is usually lit up dimly to create a suave ambiance. An ornamental candle holder serves the dual purpose of lighting the area subtly while adding eloquence to the space. Orvi Home offers an eclectic selection of candleholders coming from our Pietra Dura, Intarsio, and Gravure collections. Opt for a candle holder from our Pietra Dura range for spreading simple good juju, for a rustic or traditional look, you can go with a candle holder from our Gravure selection that features Rajasthani block print art. Whichever candleholder you choose, we promise you that Orvi Home features candle holders that are a coveted addition to any bar or dining space.

#3 Tier Trays

Being a good host involves serving a variety of snacks in the most creative of ways. A tier tray makes this job easy as ever! When guests arrive, you can serve a palate of cheese on the top trays while placing crackers in the second one. For those with a sweet tooth, tier trays are an excellent option to serve assorted desserts like cupcakes and cheesecakes, together in one. We have multiple options when it comes to tier trays. For Instance, the Oleander Tire Tray in Black Marble is one of the most loved handcrafted finds from Orvi’s Intarsio collection, perfect for this purpose.

# 4 A Luxe Side Table

It is recommended for any bar space to feature a touch of cosmopolitan luxury. Guests don’t just arrive at the bar to have a drink of their choice, but they choose to stay there for an element of rejuvenation as well. Orvi Home offers a vivid selection of accentables curated exclusively for the bar. Our bar tables are not just good looking, but they are an embodiment of contemporary artisanal living. Orvi’s Geometria side table handcrafted in white marble as well as our Glass Mosaic Side tables that are made artfully using broken glass pieces are flawlessly luxurious options as side tables for the bar.

#5 Coasters

Every table is incomplete without a choice of coasters. Orvi Home offers an intricately appealing selection of coasters composed of natural stone, metal as well as semi-precious stones. Orvi Home uses a blend of luxe natural materials such as pure natural stones and semi-precious stones to craft coasters, as opposed to common materials such as wood or plastic that are generally used for this purpose. Our choice of material and our depth of artisanship make Orvi Home’s coasters strikingly unique.