5 Ways to style a table

You’ve sent out the invitations, planned the menu, bought all the ingredients and readied a music playlist. You’re almost set for your lavish dinner party at home except for one important detail - the table decor! It’s probably just as important as the food, and is likely to make a lasting impression on your guests.

At any dinner party, the highlight is always the food and drinks. You’ll find your guests milling around the dinner table throughout the night, so it’s probably a good idea to add a statement piece or two to lift the aesthetic around the table. Here are a few tableware and decor accessories you can use to liven up your party.


1)Raku Vase

Raku firing is an ancient Japanese technique of alternating hand firing and rapid cooling on ceramic to reveal intense colours and patterns. Place a Raku-fired vase topped with a bunch of fresh flowers in the centre of your dining table and watch your table transform into the centre of attention at the party.

2) Tarkashi Serving Platter

Nothing uplifts the ambience of a party more than an exquisite serving platter laden with mouth-watering nibbles. Handcrafted from Acacia wood with intricate floral brass detailing, Tarkashi serving platters may be guilty of drawing attention away from your food! They’re ideal for presenting finger food and appetisers in a sophisticated way. Plus, you contribute towards sustaining the centuries old art of Tarkashi, an intricate art dying a slow death due to lack of awareness.

3) Intarsio Cake Stand

The combination of natural stone and brass inlay makes the Intarsio cake stand a dinner party must-have. This is a multi-functional handmade decor-piece - when you’re welcoming your guests, top it with delicate flower arrangements or use it as a cheese board, and towards the end of the night, use it to serve cakes, cookies and muffins. This piece is available in a contemporary geometric pattern and also in a delicate flower pattern.

4) Gravure Coasters

If you’re planning an intimate sit-down dinner, a set of Gravure coasters is the perfect addition to your table setting. These hand engraved pieces have an eye-catching print, inspired by the Jaipur block prints and Paisley design that has been carved into the stone to give them a signature quality. A felt back and sealant coating mean you don’t have to worry about drink spills and stains.


5) Pietra Dura Serving Tray with Handles

Inlaid with semi-precious Mother of Pearl, the Pietra Dura serving tray is the perfect vehicle to ferry food to and from the table, or even to use as a makeshift charcuterie board. It’s sturdy, light and extremely convenient to use, not to mention a superbly striking accessory for any dinner table.