Marble, wood or stone - Which is the best choice for your coasters?

The trend of using table coasters has been an understated and often inconspicuous one, but it is the most functional way to protect your surfaces with style. Tired of holding a hot or cold drink while you work the room at a party? Prop it on a coaster in a safe corner. Have some guests dropping in to see your new home? Lay out some coasters so you can be carefree about your furniture. Need a break from your hot drink? Top it with a coaster to keep it warm.

For coasters, durability is key. You need them to be strong enough to prevent scratches, scuff marks and stains on your surfaces, but still be delicate and elegant. They may seem like your average circular discs, but coasters can also liven up your home décor. This is where your material choice comes in. There are three main materials that you can pick from, depending on your use - marble, wood and stone. But which one is right for you?

Marble coasters

The epitome of luxury, marble coasters can uplift your bar table. Extremely durable and available in a variety of colours and patterns, marble coasters are seriously trendy. Its exclusivity comes from the uniqueness of each piece, which means your set of table coaster is unlike any other. They are a great buy for those who love the glint and natural veins of marble.

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Best for: special occasions
Bring out those solid marble coasters to add richness to your housewarming, anniversary or birthday party. Marble has the ability to add elegance to a home in any form, and coasters can have the same effect on your table setting. These coasters are best used in opulent, extravagant homes, as well as elegant, refined homes. Whether you like full-blown luxury or just a hint of splendour in your home, marble coasters will fit right in.

● No two coasters are the same, so the element of exclusivity is a definite highlight
● Variety of design options
● May be slightly expensive

● Can be heavy
● May chip if not handled well

Natural stone coasters

Let’s face it, some materials stand out more than others. If you prefer a luxurious yet natural look, stone coasters are the way to go. Just like marble, every piece of natural stone is different, so you’re guaranteed to have a unique set on your hands. Stone is also great to work with in terms of design - it can be hand carved, bejewelled and shaped to create a variety of styles. Slate and sandstone are two of the most popular stones used for coasters, but they are less durable than marble. Granite and limestone are some other options.

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Best for:
formal and informal use

Stone coasters offer a great balance of utility and aesthetics, making them the ideal choice for large dinner parties, small family gatherings and even solo movie nights. Homes that are warm, with a touch of class, offer the perfect ambience for stone coasters. They do need some care when used, so they may not handle daily wear and tear too well. But they’re a fantastic decor item to have, since they can easily meld into any decor style.

● Porous and absorb liquids, keeping your surfaces dry
● Heat-resistant

● Can be stained by certain dark or acidic liquids

Wood coasters

Wood is one of strongest and most aesthetically-pleasing natural materials, which is probably why it is used to make everything from furniture to art. Wood coasters can bring warmth and colour to your table in a way that no other material can. You can choose to go with different shades of wood highlighted by the natural grains to add an organic touch to your home.

Best for: everyday use

Wood coasters are perfect for simple and modest homes where coasters may be used regularly for hot and cold drinks. With their DIY-feel, they fit right in when the decor is subtle, and function plays a big role in the design of the home. Rustic, country-style homes, as well as family homes can find great use in wood coasters.

● Durable and long-lasting
● Will absorb liquids
● Light-weight & easy to clean

● Can bend in case of prolonged water dipping & frequent spills