3 reasons why you need Serving Platters

At every party, special occasion and family gathering, the highlight is almost always the company and the food. Nothing makes a memorable get-together like delicious food and drink, and your table and serveware forms a very important part of this. Striking marble platters heaped with piping hot fare is a surefire way to delight your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Serving platters are essentially flat dishes or trays that are used to display and serve a variety of foodstuffs. They are designed with functionality in mind, and the idea is to be able to carry and present multiple food items at a time. Since they have quite a simple form, the design has a huge role to play in making it a standout piece.

If you’re looking to elevate your hospitality and add some spunk to your house parties, a serving platter is the way to go. Before you make your first buy, here’s a quick introduction to how you can use the wooden platter as per your needs.

Dining in style with Serving Platters

The concept of serving food dates back to the 1500 and 1600s, and is associated with royalty. The term ‘serving’ is derived from the word ‘salver’ which was used to denote a flat ornamental tray, usually in silver, used to present food to those of high social standing in England. If food and drink arrived on the salver, it indicated that it had been pre-tasted and was free of poison. The serving platter is still considered a mark of respect and hospitality when presenting food to guests.

Uses of the Serving Platter

Even today, most people haven’t used marble platters in their home. If you haven’t either, it’s time to add it to your tableware collection. Wooden platters are possibly one of the most multi-functional pieces of serveware, and can be used in the kitchen and dining room with ease. They are also versatile and can hold a variety of food and drink. Easy to use and maintain, these trays are the modern-day home and dining essential.

You can use the serving platter to:

  • Display cakes, muffins, cookies or just about any delectable confectionary
  • Present an array of finger foods, appetisers or chips and dips to your guests at dinner parties
  • Hold an assortment of food like burgers, breads, meats or fruit
  • Lay out slivers of cheese, a tumble of dry fruits or even after dinner mints
  • Slice and dice vegetables and herbs
  • Serve up refreshing drinks or a pot of tea

 Cost of Serving Platters

Platters come in an array of shapes and sizes, and can be crafted from stone, wood, ceramic or glass. Depending on the pattern, colour and material, handmade serving platters can cost anywhere between £ 30 - £ 100 for a standard size.

Investing in a good quality serving platter is important. Ensure that it has a functional shape, is not too heavy, and is sized large enough to hold multiple items. Serving platters can last a long time and are extremely useful if you entertain regularly. So, if you don’t own one yet, the time to buy is now!