Why choose handmade home-décor pieces?

The Earth is dying, and we have to do something about it. Fast. Plastics and chemicals pollute our oceans, forests, and atmosphere. Sustainability isn’t just a trend. It’s a way to help save our planet, while still being stylish and supporting independent artisans reviving their culture. This wooden hook is this philosophy at its simplest: authentic materials that are made to last, lovingly crafted by hand. Rest assured that you won’t need to replace it after a few months of use (unlike a plastic hook from the dollar store). You’ll give Mother Earth a break too!

Going green is good for the heart and home.

Where better to start making a change than in our homes? We see things like tableware multiple times everyday. Not only can you admire a work of art while you have your breakfast to start the day, you’ll do it knowing that you’re supporting artists from India and helping them keep their art and culture alive. Supporting these groups gives them livelihood opportunities that allow them to continue their work and pass them on to younger generations. What a beautiful thing to give while having something for yourself in return.

Support products that are green through and through.

The best way to find out if you’re buying from a source that truly cares about the cause is if they tell you how their products are made every step of the way. A truly green company will make you part of the conversation, and will be proud to let you know exactly who you’re supporting by buying these products. The materials will be locally sourced and produced by people who put their heart and soul into every piece. You’ll lessen your carbon footprint while helping out individuals who aren’t given a voice in today’s industry