Nuages Collection

This unique and highly versatile range for walls, facades and furniture opens up a world of new design possibilities.
Individually unique in their own right, surfaces from this collection combine varied substrates like wood, ply, aluminium, cement board etc. with pure metalcoating to create truly bespoke masterpieces.
Metals that can be coated are bronze, brass, copper, pewter, nickel, zinc,

Iron and graphite, as well as a range of alloys.
Using a cutting edge technique that involves bonding the metals in liquid form to the surface, the Nuages collection offers a variety of aesthetics ranging from regular floral patterns to irregular textures inspired by elements of nature. The result is a multitude of different effects, from patinated, aged and rusty to sleek and modern.

Mastering the craft

Pure metal poured onto natural materials to reate textured surfaces 



Aluminium, Ms, Plywood, Mdf


Aluminium, Antique, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Champagne, Copper, Iron


Interior wall, Exterior wall, Furniture, Counter top

Available sizes (mm)

2440 X 1220, Custom size possible on request