3 Tips: Your guide to decor wishlist 2021

Every new year brings new Interior Trends and such is the case with the year 2021 also. Another year when most of us are spending a majority of our time inside our homes, the need for well-coordinated interiors that are in line with the current trends becomes even more apparent. From calming shades to artistically crafted surfaces, 2021 is all about muted tones and reviving dying arts.

We, at Orvi have an exquisite range of handcrafted decor articles, wall arts and a splendid selection of bespoke accent furniture, featuring varied design forms. Our library of natural stones and our experienced artisans know what it takes to sculpt and etch surfaces that are simply one-of-a-kind.

The common theme for 2021 Decor trends revolves around cool shades, minimalist furniture, high emphasis on the usage of natural elements inside the home, airy spaces and lastly, comforting elements. In this post, we bring to you some of our products that suit the 2021 decor trends.

Metal Inlay Accent Furniture

Orvi’s furniture pieces are one-of-a-kind home décor pieces that also double as captivating storytellers, into the homes of their buyers while at the same time, these remain true to the brand’s ethos of bringing back the splendour of craft traditions, by empowering artisans in multiple capacities with training, technology, dignity for artistic exploration and professional growth.

Glass Mosaic Tables

2021 is the year of Mosaic! An intricate art technique, mosaics are made by shattering stone & glass and then rearranging them into an artsy pattern. Orvi has crafted gorgeous glass mosaic tables that will add absolute contemporary vibes to any space. Our Glass Mosaic Tables are a perfect addition to your living spaces.

Tarkashi Tableware

One of the most ornate techniques of craft executed at Orvi, Tarkashi is the art of inlaying flattened metals into wood. We have a plethora of wondrous Tarkashi Tableware including Trays, Snack Plates as well as Cheese boards, all of which are meant to bring an element of opulence to your dining space.

The word Taar means ‘wire’ and Kashi means ‘inlay’ in Hindi. Known to be one of the most versatile and appreciated art forms, Tarkashi has adorned jewellery boxes & artifacts since centuries. The process involves drawing of the design on a piece of paper & then transferring onto wood, where each detail of the pattern is hand-carved to create deep grooves. Flattened and gleaming metal wires are then inlaid into the grooves and hammered into position by hand.

Artisans of this 150 year old dying art form, take several years to master the craft. Through extensive training along with technology, Orvi has provided sustainable livelihood to the few surviving Tarkashi artisans in India. What was often seen as manual and constrained labour with no future by the artisans, is now looked at as an opportunity for artistic expression and an ability to take pride in ancestral saviour faire, which can now be passed on to the next generations, due to demand creation, recognition & finances.

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