Architects and Interior Designers that inspire us

The space we live in, is the locus of our life. While it takes a layman to build an ordinary space, it takes a good architect and interior designer to transform any space into a memorable piece of art. Designers & architects create homes that make individuals happy for a lifetime. They have the power to create corporate spaces that literally define identities for decades. More so, it is designers & architects who shape up the entire look and legacy of cities by designing one of a kind public structures. In this post, we talk about some of the most distinguished designers & architects of the world and how they have left a mark through their design styles and one-of-a-kind projects.

Antoni Gaudi

A Catalan architect who redefined the norms of design and architecture a century ago, Antoni Gaudi was known for pioneering the concept of individuality. His work was primarily inspired by nature and religion and he was one of the few architects of his time who experimented with different materials including ceramics, glass, iron and even wood to create novel surfaces, a practice that we, at Orvi, are passionate to follow.

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Father of American Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and interior designer who created more than 1000 stunning structures including major public landmarks throughout his lifetime. Wright’s works featured structures that were meticulously designed according to the principles of urban planning. His creations blended urban architecture in harmony with the environment. Wright is known as one of “the greatest American Architect of all time”. His philosophy of designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, which he often called organic architecture, inspires us at Orvi and blends well with our zest to create products that carry an artistic soul.

Zaha Hadid

One of the world’s most influential architects, Zaha Hadid achieved new paradigms through her exceptional works. Her work is a melange of material play, futuristic ideas and originality of invention. Located globally, her works are a subject of research and learning by designers & architects globally. Zaha’s concepts and design notions continue to inspire our team of designers at Orvi, till date for their rich materiality and zest towards breaking the boundaries of architecture design.

Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius was a German Architect who left a legacy in the IDA Community by way of his modernist and international style approaches of design and architecture. He was responsible for laying the foundation stone for architecture in Europe in times of war. After leading a reputed art and design school in Europe, Gropius’ transformed it into the world renowned Bauhaus. He led a revolution in industrial design and continues to do so, through his legacy. Orvi admires the Bauhuas design philosophy and has imbued some surfaces with this design thought, within the Metal Magic Collection.

Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava is a leading Spanish designer, sculptor, architect and structural engineer known for the creation of some of the most iconic public landmarks spread throughout Spain, Switzerland, Greece and other parts of the world. His work speaks of artistic flawlessness as well as multi-functionality, blended perfectly. He is credited for the designing of some of the world’s most stunning stadiums, art museums, stations, terminals as well as public structures.

At Orvi we believe that designers & architects form an important cog of the wheel when it comes to building any structure. We take inspiration from them everyday since we realize that the design and construction of any structure simply starts with an idea. Designers along with artisans make it possible to join the pieces together to create living spaces that are stunning, everlasting and perfect in all ways.