Destroy to Create: A Centre Table dedicated to the prowess of Artisans crafted by reD Architects in collaboration with ORVI

As Orvi, we firmly believe that our artisans and craftsmen are our backbone. While our creative senses are of the utmost importance to perfect our thoughts to reality, the final output is entirely driven by the craftsmanship and hard work of artisans.This centre table, made using Orvi Natural Stone and innovative surfaces and designed thoughtfully by reD architects is a tribute to showcase the hard work of our artisans in an artful manner.

This table is characterized by four different triangular parts that are fused together to create one whole handcrafted surface. Each surface has one table leg of its own and it is created by a different artisan. As soon as the leg is constructed, the artisan attempts to ruin it by crushing it with their hands, which leaves the table with an imprint of their hands on each of the legs. This is the highlight of the table and the final procedure is an attempt to portray the hands behind the construction of this piece of furniture art. Furthermore, each artisan’s name is etched on each leg of the table as a token, or stamp of remembrance.

This table can be placed as an excellent addition to any space, whether indoor or outdoor. A perfectly good place to have it would be as a center table in the living room. Whether you’re enjoying your coffee or inviting guests over, the flawless artistry of this table will only accentuate the look of the room. One can also place it in their bedroom as a multi-use table. If you have a beautiful terrace or a larger sized Balcony to your disposal, you can also place the table there and add to the view.

The best part about this table is the fact that it can be configured as needed according to different needs. Each part of the table is detachable in itself and can be rearranged as per need. It can turn into a study table or a side desk by simply detaching parts of the table. With Orvi’s signature nature stone table top and ceramic legs, this table is multifunctional in nature and flexible in terms of all-round usage. More so, it is a contemporary piece of furniture that will definitely add a visual appeal wherever it is placed.

An idea conceptualized by reD Architects and perfected to reality by Orvi’s able Artisans, this table is an absolute piece of art and a rare find in itself.