Go bold with bathroom surfaces - Colours, patterns and details that shake things up

Bathrooms are our personal escape from the rigours of daily life, which is why their design needs to be comforting and refreshing. While homes are taking the minimalism route these days, bathrooms are going maximal - we’re talking stylish wall surfaces, dramatic floors and fancy decor.

One way to completely transform your bathroom and make it your own is to play with the floor and wall surfaces. You can evoke parts of your personality through your bathroom design to truly make it feel individual. Here are some quick tips for floor and wall surface designs for your bathroom:

Dark colours

Dark is often associated with broody, but that’s not always the case. A bold bathroom with surfaces in black, brown or magenta is unconventional, but modern and functional in many ways. The best way to balance this out is by creating one statement wall or just the floor in dark tiling so it doesn’t seem too overpowering. Stone and metal surfaces like Armatura with its graceful curves, Blazon and Haute Couture with their intricate patterns, and Bauhaus with its clean lines are all perfect for bathroom walls and floors.

Patterned surfaces

Patterned surfaces are all the rage this season, and they’re here to stay. Geometric and floral motifs, swirling lines and abstract patterns have trickled into bathroom surfaces, especially walls. You can invoke nature, travel, festivities, or just a moment in time through timeless patterns that adorn your personal space. Orvi’s solid stone surfaces such as Moment, Elements and Flow have some interesting patterns that you can incorporate on your bathroom walls.

Surface detailing

Bas relief, inlays and stone carvings - the detailing in surfaces these days gives you the freedom to experiment with a number of different styles in your bathroom. If you’re not the kind to dominate your bath with bold patterns or colours, you can think about bringing in the differentiation through the detailing. The organic forms of Flora, the combination of natural stone and hand-beaten metal in Skin and the basket-woven patterns on Tressage can add a contemporary layer of interest to an otherwise subtle bathroom.