Armatura Collection

This is the first of our collections to blend two ancient crafts from India: Bidri, where sheets of silver are inlaid with thin metal strands, and Parchin Kari, where semiprecious stones are inlaid into a stone base.
Naturally, the collection demands expert craftsmanship and a deep

understanding of the materials used. The name Armatura means “Armour” in Italian, and indeed each sublime pattern - whether formed of straight lines or graceful curves - evokes the courtly refinement of a bygone age.

Mastering the craft

 Every piece is made by meticulously embedding brass or stainless steel into natural stone, then honing the two materials until they appear to form a single seamless whole.  



Nero Sangemini, Sea Grey, Crystal Dust, Stellar Black, Fossil Ecru, Swiss White, Castel Bianco, Gris Foussana , Bianco Carrara, Thassos


Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel


Interior floor, Interior wall, Bathroom wall, Exterior floor, Exterior wall, Pool/Fountain, Counter top, Furniture

Available sizes (mm)

300 X 300, 400 X 400, 600 X 600, Custom size possible on request