Top 3 surfaces ideas to infuse some brightness into your interiors

Bright, airy interiors are associated with positivity, and these are the fundamentals of a warm and welcoming home. Bringing brightness into a home is not just about adding a few extra lights or pumping the house with colour, but about subtle additions that feel understated yet completely transform how you feel in the space. You don’t always need massive renovations for brightness; a revamp of your surfaces can certainly do the trick.

Here are our top tips to easily make your home feel light, bright and charming through floor and wall surfaces.

1. Arazzi

Arazzi surfaces have sharp designs and intricate patterns in rich colours, all of which can inject not just lightness but also refinement into your space. To brighten doesn’t always mean to add more; minimalism is key when it comes to creating breezy interiors, and Arazzi collection is brilliant for this purpose.

The range reinvents the traditional art of tapestry making along with the inlay technique of Pietra Dura. The base material is stone, either marble or limestone, and these slabs are then inlaid with semi-precious stones like Mother of Pearl and Lapis Lazuli, metals like brass and stainless steel, and even gemstones like malachite. These surfaces work for a range of interior spaces like bathrooms, living rooms and luxury private lounges.


2. Brise

Glass is the core material of the Brise collection, imparting a kaleidoscopic quality that relays brightness through a unified jumble of colours and mosaics formed using reassembled pieces of shattered glass. Quite like the mosaics in Europe’s ancient cathedrals and churches, Brise is created using glass-making techniques from Central India, to make designs that can be easily affixed in modern homes.

Large sheets of coloured glass are purposely shattered and then reassembled piece by piece, to create gleaming surfaces that seem unplanned and rather organic. The resulting effect is an iridescent surface with lavish colours and designs for all kinds of interior spaces.


3. Eglomise

Our bespoke Eglomise technique overlaps the clarity of glass with the lustre of metal for an enchanting effect on your surfaces. Eglomise collection is essentially a glass sheet topped with metal leafing done by hand to create a shimmering surface that reflects a soft gleam onto its surroundings. This art form dates back to the 15th Century, but its applications today are far-reaching. Despite looking dramatic and grand, these surfaces effectively add a soft brightness to the room, throughout the day.