Brise Collection

The Brisé collection is rooted in age-old glass-making traditions from central India. Large sheets of coloured glass are broken into small pieces, then diligently reassembled, section by tiny section, for an overall effect that recalls the glass-tiled mosaics of Europe’s medieval churches and cathedrals.
Belying the precise composition and skilled craftsmanship required to

create these shimmering surfaces, the resulting patterns seem almost organic in structure. grandeur. From single colour designs to tone-on-tone and multi-coloured collages, each piece shines with understated elegance, embellishing any space with an iridescent, kaleidoscopic quality.

Mastering the craft

As an ode to the medieval stained glass panels of Europe’s cathedrals, large sheets of colored glass are broken into
asymmetrical pieces, reassembled methodically to create
something truly unique and seemingly unplanned.





Shattered Glass


Interior wall, Bathroom wall, Pool/Fountain, Counter top, Furniture

Available sizes (mm)

300 X 300mm, 400 X 400mm, 600 X 600mm, Custom size possible on request