Trenza Collection

A little texture can make all the difference, and the true artistry of the Trenza collection is testament to this. These innovative textured surfaces, suitable for both walls and floors, introduce a sense of movement and palpability to any room. Characterised by signature lines and strokes, each piece has organic variations in design or colour. The patterns are inspired from organic elements observed in nature, and highlights its many facets and splendorous beauty. These artisanal surfaces are borne from a mix of creativity and research, lending

contemporary connotations to everyday spaces, as well as prime feature walls and floors. It's akin to transporting a piece of nature into your personal space. After the solid stone is micro-engraved, the tactile textures are finished by artisans who enhance the details by hand. The final effect, emphasised beautifully when illuminated with subtle lighting is enthralling, adding a timeless effect and versatility to each project.

Mastering the craft

Solid stone surfaces textured for unmatched tactility



Nero Sangemini, Sea Grey, Crystal Beige, Stellar Black, Fossil Ecru, Swiss White, Castel Bianco, Gris Foussana , Bianco Carrara, Thassos, Grigio Lerdo


Interior wall, Bathroom floor, Exterior wall, backsplash

Available sizes (mm)

300 X 300, 400 X 400, 600 X 600, Custom size possible on request