Veins Collection

Offering a striking option for feature walls, the Veines collection contrasts the organic warmth of wood with the lustrous sheen of metal, to stunning effect.
In some models, metal is coated onto brushed wood bringing out the details of the grain in eye-catching style while in others, the metal it it’s

liquid form is overlaid as a design onto the surface of the wood.
From fine lace to floral motifs and bold geometric patterns, there is virtually no limit to the designs that can be incorporated, each one creating its own unique visual impact.

Mastering the craft

 Pure metal poured onto natural materials to create textured surfaces 



Veneer, Cherry Pinup, Ebony Waves, Hazel Oak, Lasting Wenge, Nutmeg Walnut, Rich Crimson, Rose Wood


Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron


Interior wall, Furniture

Available sizes (mm)

2440 x 1220, Custom size possible on request