3 reasons why wall tiles are a great choice over paint

When doing up your home, it’s vital to pay attention to your walls - after all, they are the shell that encapsulates your personal space and all the memories in it. To highlight your walls, the options often revolve around the three most popular ones - wall tiles, wallpapers and paint. In many contemporary homes, you’re likely to find a mix of all three. But while applying wallpapers and paint seems relatively easy, it’s wall tiles that can create that signature look that’s almost impossible to replicate.

Much like floor tiles, wall tiles come in an array of patterns and colours, and are great to create statement walls, brighten up a dull corner or create grand backdrops. They are perfect for injecting some spunk into a space, without overpowering the rest of your decor. The benefits of wall tiles outweigh those of any other wall decoration options, which makes them a great alternative for timeless wall decor.

Sustainable and long-lasting

Wall tiles are, without a doubt, the most sustainable, long-lasting option for every homeowner. While wallpapers and paints need to be freshened up every few years, wall tiles stay put once installed. They’re durable, resistant and very easy to clean and maintain.

Colors and styles

You can dabble in your own creativity by combining a host of wall tiles with different textures and styles for a breathtaking effect. Unlike wallpaper and paint, wall tiles have a soft raised effect on the wall, which adds character to the space. At Orvi Surfaces, we have multiple materials and design choices to help you find the right tile for your space.

Visual delight

You can go glossy or matte, patterned or plain, natural or polished - the effect of wall tiles will uplift the look of your home, in every style. That’s what makes them so alluring and easy to use! Wall tiles instantly make any space look inviting and luxurious, without trying too hard. Choose from our extensive selection of solid stone and metal tiles to infuse some class and elegance into your own home.

Wall tiles at Orvi

We create our surfaces to add meaning and life to your personal spaces.

  • For a dramatic touch to your walls, we recommend the ethereal Supernova range, which combines stone and metal together to create dazzling patterns. These tiles are also recognised globally with distinguished awards like Archiproducts Design Award.
    Supernova Tiles
  • To breathe life into bare walls, pick from the Glyph line of solid stone surfaces with seamless inlays and multi-dimensional patterns.
    Glyph Tiles
  • If you’re looking for something timeless and bold, our Raku tiles are borne from the beautiful fury of fire. These hand-glazed and hand-fired tiles come in intense colours and unpredictable patterns for the discerning homeowner.
    Raku Tiles

For more options, browse our broad range of wall tiles on our website today!