Raku Collection

Meaning enjoyment, comfort or ease, the word raku comes from the name of the lavish 16th-century Japanese palace - the Jurakudai - where this very particular style of ceramics originated. Each tile is expertly hand glazed, fired and rapidly cooled, using the same traditional techniques that have been followed for centuries.

The result? Intense colours and unpredictable patterns. A variation in any single factor will affect the outcome, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Available in a wide range of tonalities, the tiles in this collection bring life, lustre and a lavish individuality to any interior.

Mastering the craft

Prometheus discovered fire, its enthralling power and unpredictable affinity for destruction. The Japanese art of Raku, took it a step forward and used fire’s potential to create eternal beauty. Intense colours and unpredictable patterns open up a world of creative possibilities. 



Hand Made Ceramic


Copper Oxide


Interior wall, Bathroom wall, Backsplash

Available sizes (mm)

75 X 150, 200 X 100, Custom size possible on request