A quick guide to surface trends for 2022

As we rolled into 2022, our perspectives witnessed a mammoth shift. Spending the last two years confined to our homes has had its benefits - decor trends now focus primarily on wellness and happiness, and on infusing positive feelings into our living spaces. The idea is to feel completely ‘at home’ when we’re home, and to well and truly disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

When it comes to surfaces, the change is evident. Overwhelming walls and floors are making way for subtle, minimal surfaces that cocoon the users in a warm, comforting embrace. The goal is to evoke peace and calm, and offer a pleasant backdrop for when you feel the need to be more playful and dramatic with your decor.

There are numerous iterations to how this wellness trend is being perceived, so here’s a quick look at some of the surface trends we foresee for 2022.

1. Soothing colours and themes

The focus now is more on our lifestyles, and on being able to switch off when we want. Having calming colours and patterns is proven to have a soothing effect on our minds and bodies, and this usually latent trend has climbed its way to the top of every homeowner’s list this year.

Soothing colours and themes2. Space is key

The one thing we need more than ever is the availability of large open spaces to set our thoughts free. This is often hard to come by in compact city homes. Minimal surfaces that visually lighten up a space, are made of organic materials, and are easy to maintain, are the next big trend this year.

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Space is key

3. Retreat at home

Themes that invoke a retreat-like feel at home are catching on as surface trends. Homeowners are looking for walls and floors that rely on simple architecture, but with a personal touch. The more a homeowner can identify with surface designs as a reflection of their personal style, the more comfortable they feel in their spaces.

Retreat at home

4. The value of minimalism

Simple, unadorned, and basic - wall and floor surfaces are taking to minimalism like never before. Designs are no longer about being unconventional, but rather about being exclusive and essentially beautiful. Spaces that are unpretentious yet teeming with elegance are fast becoming the top choice for homeowners.

The value of minimalism

Wellness-inspired surfaces at Orvi

We design surfaces to be wholly people-centric and focused on imparting a relaxed take on sophistication. Here are some surfaces from our collection that align with the trends for 2022.

  • For a striking effect, opt for the Elementa range of stone surfaces with bas relief. The slightly raised patterns add visual and tactile richness to your walls, breathing life into spaces. This is a favourite of symmetry lovers!
  • The Moment range permanently carves organic forms like leaves, flowers and bamboo canes onto your surfaces. It’s the quintessential way to bring nature into your home, for posterity.
  • Using the technique of bas relief, the Sahara collection combines geometric forms with graceful motifs in just the right balance. These stone surfaces are stylishly elegant, above everything els

For more surfaces that align with the trends for 2022, run through our extensive collection on our website.