Moment Collection

The Ginkgo tree is a living fossil. It is one of a kind, all related species having become extinct many of millions of years ago. Sculpted in stone, the leaves of this remarkable plant seem to exist in a state halfway between fossil and living thing: elemental, monumental and yet almost animate in their detailed lines and shading.

That is a perfect metaphor for the Moments collection.Featuring designs based on ancient leaves and archetypal five-petalled flowers, wooden grains and bamboo canes, it takes instances of life in various forms and sets them perfectly in stone, capturing the instant for infinity

Mastering the craft

 Hand-sculpted with a delicate eye for details, natural stones such as marble or limestone take new form and function with every tap of a chisel. Inspired by the ageold art of bas-relief, stone surfaces are honed and hand polished into mesmerizing displays of pure craftsmanship 



Nero Sangemini, Sea Grey, Crystal Beige, Stellar Black, Fossil Ecru, Swiss White, Castel Bianco, Gris Foussana, Bianco Carrara, Thassos, Grigio Lerdo


Interior wall, Bathroom wall, Exterior wall, Pool/Fountain

Available sizes (mm)

300 X 300, 400 X 400, 600 X 600, Custom size possible on request