Enigma Collection

Power meets elegance, soul meets strength, light meets shadow in this camouflage-inspired collection. Taking after military prints and patterns, along with nature’s own technique of self-preservation through camouflage, these swirling, mottled designs edge forward fluidly, as if on a whim. Enigma borrows from nature’s innate organic beauty, and achieves the desired effect with an innovative dual production technique

that combines the age-old art of Pietra Dura with intricate fluting technique. The abstract patterns flow across the textured stone surface as it softly heaves up and down, breathing life into the walls and creating alternating strokes of light and shadow. The resulting patterns organically flow across the stone surface, breathing life into the surface and creating a life-like three-dimensional texture.

Mastering the craft

Fluid patterns invoking mysteries of the nature, recreated with solid stone.