Filo Collection

This Collection is exclusively designed by Matteo Cibic, and then crafted by hand by the talented craftspeople at Orvi. Filo’s identity and inspiration pay homage to the unrestrained patterns of threads that organically show up on natural fabric and flow on, almost convivially onto the surface, making them look immersive and fun. It explores perpetuity, weaving fibers into everlasting twists to produce something so dimensional, that it’s almost mesmerizing.

Each piece of metal and stone is delicately inlaid into a carved base stone and then hand polished to create exquisite surfaces, perfect for modern-day interiors. Handmade by artisans who have mastered the dying art of bas-relief, metal inlay, and stone sculpting, this collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

Mastering the craft

Hand-sculpted with a delicate eye for details, natural stones such as marble or limestone take new form and function with every tap of a chisel. stone surfaces are honed and hand polished into mesmerizing displays of pure craftsmanship.



Base materials: Bianco Carrara Marble, Black Limestone




Interior wall, Exterior wall, Backsplash

Available sizes (mm)

400 x 400 x 12mm