Tarkashi Collection

The word Taar means ‘wire’ and Kashi means ‘inlay’ in Hindi. Known to be one of the most versatile and appreciated art forms, Tarkashi has adorned jewellery boxes & artifacts since centuries. The process involves drawing of the design on a piece of paper & then transferring onto wood, where each detail of the pattern is hand-carved to create deep grooves. Flattened and gleaming metal wires are then inlaid into the grooves and hammered into position by hand. Artisans of this centuries old dying art form, take several years to master the craft.

Through extensive training along with technology, Orvi has provided sustainable livelihood to the few surviving Tarkashi artisans in India. What was often seen as manual and constrained labour with no future by the artisans is now looked at as an opportunity for artistic expression and an ability to take pride in ancestral saviour faire, which can now be passed on to the next generations, due to demand creation, recognition & finances.

Mastering the craft

Flattened and gleaming metal wires are inlaid in wood and hammered into position by hand, using centuries-old art, Tarkashi.