Tesserae Collection

Travel back in time a few centuries, to the origin of micro mosaic technique with Orvi’s Tesserae Collection, a canvas of decorative wall features. Vivid, textural and evocative, these designs are laboriously composed and strikingly honest, captivating onlookers to stop and evaluate the sequential connection between the small chips.Minute pieces of stone, glass and semi-precious tesserae are assembled, to create symmetric patterns or replications of live forms in an array of bright colours. The exacting compositions

are the result of proficient craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. The interconnected pieces fit together like pieces of a puzzle, creating a three-dimensional textural quality that’s perfect as a piece of art. Tesserae Collection redefines an ancient art form with a modern connotation. Once laid, the pieces flow along the designs, lending a sense of elegant movement and purity. It’s proof of how many imperfectly perfect elements can come together to create something truly mesmerizing.

Mastering the craft

Bringing 12th Century Roman Micro Mosaic art back to life.